Wednesday, November 5, 2008

tunes on tuesday 110408

You need to check THESE out:

Nas--> Election Night

It's not a full length song or anything, but it suits tonight's festivities. It's not even that awesome of a song, but he threw it together quickly.. Obviously. Either way, it's worth your time.

Timbaland ft. T-Pain--> Say

Hmmm.. I would expect more from this pair, but I don't hate it. Definitely something to listen to when you're tryin to chill.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Trace Cyrus--> Somebody Said a Prayer

Typical country song.. About bad things about to happen until, of course, someone says a prayer. But I think it's cute that Billy Ray continues to use his kids to help him out with his songs. [Trace is a part of Metro Station.] It's really not a bad song, though. And for you country fans, I think you'll enjoy it. :)

That's terrible that this is the first time I have included country. It's also terrible that this week's selection is terrible. Meh.. It was a big day.

Once again, congrats to Obama!

To all of you, Good night, and good luck.


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