Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i know i know

Okay, I know the election is over, and a lot of people are sick of hearing about it.. But history happened. And I personally can't get enough of it more than ever.

I'll try and get it all in one post. Maybe.. ;)

A couple things that the celebs have said:
  • "Today is a victory for this country. The first black president. The first black first lady. The first black family. I haven't felt this good." -- Elizabeth Hasselbeck, after clearly being anti-Obama all campaign.
  • "Hi Mom, Obama Won!" --Kanye West.. Aw.. :(
  • "This is the beginning of a whole new world. This is a historical evening! We are lucky to be sharing it with each other!" --Madonna, before performing "Express Yourself" at her concert
  • "I've always maintained a strong faith in the power of Obama's positive campaign and am so proud of every citizen who took a stand, participated in the political process and insisted their voices be heard," --Scarlett Johansson
  • "What will it be like to have a smart president? Science, banished for eight years, will return. Imagine supporting our country's greatest minds as they seek to cure illness, discover new forms of energy, and work to save the planet. I know, pinch me." --Michael Moore
  • "Obama is our President!!!!! Everyone that voted, no matter their choice...should be proud for voting in the first place." --Lindsay Lohan
  • "It's a great day, it's a beautiful morning, a new dawn, a new beginning, not just in America but the world over. I think race has always been interwoven in the fabric of America but, in this referendum of the American people, there's been a seismic movement as far as American views on race in this country. I think that's a lot to do with young white Americans—they don't have the same views as their parents." --Spike Lee
  • "This for me is something I never thought I would see in my life...But today I am so proud of America." --John Mellencamp

E! Online's Top Campaign Moments... And I agree

8. Heidi Montag "endorses" McCain... Only for him to respond.. WOAH! "I never miss an episode of the Hills!" Weird.
7. The funny debates. AKA the roast. AKA the Alfred E. Smith dinner. Hilarious.
6. One person: Joe the Plumber.
5. The View vs. John McCain. Elizabeth included.
4. Hillary Clinton gets a taste of the.. mm, "good life."

3. Tina Fey does the Veep debates. Bravo, Maverick!
2. McCain throws up a peace-sign to David Letterman.

1. Katie Couric "stuns" Sarah Palin. Duhhh, uhhh... Huh?!

Weird that Obama really didn't make the list? Probably because he stuck to his campaign. If I could add a moment, it wouldn't be HIM, persay, but rather the song from [Who, might I add, was in a CREEPY hologram thing on CNN last night. WOAH! Technology is nuts.]

Oh man. What a couple months.. or years?? It's been. Glad to see it all come to an end. Kinda.

Now I'm going to need someone to step up and start doing some CRAZY things so I have something to talk about.. ;)

Sayonara, Election '08!! You're forever in history.


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