Saturday, November 22, 2008

too much

Desperate times call for desperate measures, I guess.

So desperate, that advertisements are being placed on.. Are you ready for it?.. Tests.

As in, tests you take in class. Where you study all night, go to class stressing, and then you see “Brace Yourself for a Great Semester! Braces by Henry, Stephen P. Henry D.M.D.” on the first page.

I hardly think that this is helping ANYONE in this situation. Except maybe whoever is getting paid to place it on the test.

A) It's going to distract the students, and maybe make it harder to pass the test.
B) It's going to make the student mad, and probably NOT want to partake in whatever the ad is for.

Meanwhile, the teacher is probably sitting pretty with more money in their pocket, watching their students cringe through the test.

Cool, real cool.


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