Saturday, November 22, 2008

lookin good

Britney fan or not, you're going to agree with me here. And if you don't, well, whatever.

3 new pictures were released today from her record label, Jive, in order to help promote her new album, AKA her comeback. She looks GORGEOUS in them.

Now, I know she might have been Photoshop'd a little bit, but I think only in her hair, and maybe some airbrushing here and there. Nothing serious.

Proof? The pictures of her dancing, and the still shots of the upcoming documentary.

Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day where she looked like this again. As much as I hoped for a comeback, I wasn't sure it would happen. I didn't think the world would let her come back. But at this point I think more people are rooting for her than ever before, and that's exciting.

Oh! And by the way, to kick off her birthday/album release date, she's doing a HUGE concert-like special on Good Morning America December 2. It's going to be all crazy and circus-like, duh.

I'm proud of you, girl. And it's all going to come together so soon! Yes!


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