Saturday, November 22, 2008

new olympic sport

It's time for the guys to get excited for the 2012 Olympics... Maybe.

A group in Utah started a petition that has 300+ worldwide signatures to add a new sport to the line-up... "Pole Fitness."

AKA Pole dancing.

In the news story, one participant says she wears the stripper shoes, if you will, because it makes her calves stronger.

A mormon lady even talks about why she participates in what she thinks should become an official sport.

My main problem: It's being a stripper, without taking your clothes off, and no one will ever be able to look past that. Period.

Other problems:
  • Cheerleading still isn't a sport, and when we're talking about competitive cheerleading, it deserves to be.. At least way before "pole fitness" is.
  • Do you see any type of aerobics in the Olympics? No. So therefore pole fitness should not be at London.
  • If someone does want to learn how to pole fitness, all it takes is a simple video featuring Carmen Electra. So how hard can it really be?!
Nope. Not okay. I'm boycotting the petition. Sorry boys.


PS: I WILL admit that I do think it looks like a lot of fun. :-P And I want to learn some cool tricks!

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