Thursday, November 27, 2008

not legit

Uh oh! Can you believe it?! Something that The Hills cast did wasn't exactly legit! Woahh.

The wedding that Speidi had in Cabo last week, wasn't made legal!

Because it was done out of the country, it could be recognized here, but only with steps that must be taken.

Not only do they have to have a marriage license, but in order to get married in Mexico, they had to get blood work, provide birth certificates and other paperwork.. Which they didn't do. None of it.

They have 10 days to get it done in Cali after they're back from their honeymoon, so we'll see.

Oh, and is it any surprise that the MTV cameras WERE with them?! And it will be on an upcoming episode?! Who woulda thunk! A not fully real marriage, with cameras catching everything on tape!

I guess we'll see how they handle it once they're back, but for now they are not Mr. and Mrs. Speidi.

Ohh, The Hills. How I love it...


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