Thursday, November 27, 2008

so much for privacy

When you're bored at a college blowout game, with your girlfriend or your husband, what do you do?
A) Leave
B) Get some food
C) Find someplace private and get jiggy wit' it.
D) Find someplace private and get jiggy wit' it with someone other than who you're with.

Yep.. Once again, you should have picked the last option, because that's what a couple did at the Iowa vs. Minnesota game last weekend.

A 38 year old woman and 26 year old man, both from Iowa, but different parts, escaped to the public bathrooms and put on a show on top of the toilet.

Yes, people were inside watching, clapping, cheering, etc. And yes, they had been at the game with their husband and girlfriend, who were also watching.

Wow. Yikes! It may have been a good idea and a fun time THEN, but now they're facing charges for indecent conduct.

"It's a long ride back to Iowa," the cop said.

Yeah, I'd say. An awkward and long one.

Hope it was worth it!


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