Thursday, November 13, 2008

humans as classic games?!

A lot of you may have already seen these, if you watch Spike, or are like me and surf the internet all the time.. But my English teacher actually pointed these out today, and they're pretty hilarious, in a weird way.

This Japanese Game Show has people fit through awkward cut outs in a wall, hoping to not get pushed in the water. AKA "Human Tetris"

And THIS one.. Is "Human Pacman." Really, it's kind of stupid, but I totally want to play it in real life! It's hilarious. How do you know when the monsters are coming?!

Japanese game shows are just out of control in general. They literally play video games, with real people.

I think it's genius, to be honest, and I want to play ALL of them. Who's with me?! Maybe we can set it up somehow...?


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