Thursday, November 13, 2008

videos you need to check out 111208

Bored? Why wait? Watch some videos! ;)

Like a good, old fashioned high speed chase? This one ends in.. Well, not good.

Car Chase Ends in Rollover Destruction - Watch more free videos

Uh.. Ouch. I don't know if he turned out okay, unfortunately.. But either way, that's pretty crazy.

This one is at least a LITTLE bit lighter on the intensity factor. She's still probably pretty hurt, but it's at least funny. The hurdler falls FLAT on her face, and then KEEPS GOING!!

Female Hurdler Slams Face Into Track - Watch more free videos

That's detirmination. She didn't even get last!

Okay, as much as I HATE bugs, and some of this is a little too up-close for my liking, it's pretty amazing what animals/insects can do. These ants literally make a lifeboat out of themselves during a flood in order to get to shore. The WHOLE time they are taking care of the queen ant!! It's incredible.

That is all for now! Hope you had a marvelous day!! ;)


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