Monday, November 17, 2008

fun in the water

In case you weren't sure if dolphins were geniuses, I have a video for you. This is a "game" they play underwater! It's AMAZING.

Contrary to dolphins, humans are not so genius most of the time. We just want to have a good time without using our noggins.

As much fun as this looks, and how bad I want to try it, the end result isn't so appealing.

And this might be why they tell you not to dive in "shallow waters."


And that is the difference between genius and moron, I guess. And between animals and humans. They're awfully clever, and don't even have technology to use all the time! [Well, you know what I mean.]

On a real note though, the tubing in the flood looks like a lot of fun. And I want to try it. Minus the pole.



Milfypoo said...

by "humans", you must mean "Humans of the White Race," because you don't see my people doing this

Anonymous said...

umm if we ever had a flood on oakhurst lane you could try it...but i dont think it will happen. although we did do the sled attached to the go cart in the show!