Monday, November 17, 2008


I got a local news story for you guys [in NoVA/MD/DC area..] that is pretty disturbing, and might make you guys cringe.

A lobbyist from Gaithersburg, Gilbert Genn was attacked by a deer right outside his home last week. He was going for a walk with his dog when the buck showed up in his lawn.

His dog ran after it, trying to scare it off, but it didn't budge.

"After a couple of seconds, I realized this was going to be a serious situation, because the deer then put its antlers down and was getting ready to charge Yuffie, who was barking at her. At that point I tore down the driveway screaming 'Yuffie get away.'"
--Gilbert Genn

All of the sudden, the deer started attacking Gilbert. He rammed his antlers in different sections of his body. At one point, he even had to literally pull the antlers from his body.

Where did it hit him the worst, you ask? Check out the picture.. Find the blood stain. You got your answer. Ouch.

He said he remembered Steve Irwin during the attack, in order to gain strength to fight back. Afterwards he didn't stop fighting either. Instead of going to the hospital when he saw his sweatpants soaked in blood, he kept his injury together with a paper binder clip, and went to a meeting over 40 miles away. THEN he went to the hospital.

On top of all this craziness, Gilbert's reasoning for why the deer attacked him puts the icing on the cake;

"I'm convinced it was a Republican deer, because it happened right where we had our Obama sign. And all the deer could do was attack, attack, attack. So it had to be a Republican deer."

HAHAHA. This guy is a mad man and I love every second of him and his story. This is incredibly insane.

Hopefully you will heal just fine, Mr. Genn. ;)


PS: Photo courtesy of Gilbert Genn via WTOP

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