Monday, November 17, 2008


So, TRL is officially over, and this is my official farewell. [Well, maybe more like a write up about last night's show.. But whatever :)]

It opened up with Beyonce, which, contrary to what I would normally say, she did pretty good. Not that she's a bad performer and I would expect her to do BAD... But she opened up with "If I Were a Boy," which is one of two songs that I really like from her. She moved on to "Single Ladies" and "Check On It," which are basically the same song in my book, and she did her usual dancing.. No big surprise.

On top of it though, she looked REALLY good. She straightened her hair and didn't wear crazy makeup or a ridiculous outfit.. She looked natural, which is when she looks best, I think.

Check it out-->

It was amazing seeing all of the VJs come back. I haven't watched the show religiously, well, ever, but I think I have seen at least one episode with each of them. And I'm mostly glad that Carson Daly was the main host, and Damien, because he obviously has the greatest connection with the show. And even though Diddy says HE'S the king of TRL, we all know Carson is really that guy. Diddy can be prince.. maybe.

They had Taylor Swift going around with the TRL Yearbook. They were playing up the fact that she's just out of high school, and had her go around all night getting all of the stars to sign it. Cute idea, I must admit.

Miley Cyrus was busy in the photo booth all night.. Which is probably a good thing. She was just trying to mock/outdo everyone else's pictures from over the years. Now let's watch and see them leak on her Myspace.. Maybe they weren't what we thought.

Fall Out Boy minus Pete Wentz? It happened. And, it was good but, how do you have a group perform who is CURRENTLY so huge, missing the main guy?!

NSYNC shows up minus 3 members. Hmm. AKA only Justin and JC showed up. They're also the only ones remotely involved with MTV these days. It was great to see them but man, it's clear the chemistry is gone, and I don't think we'll be seeing any sort of a reunion from them. :( In the meantime, all we have is this sweet video from back in the day. It's amazing-ness.

I already touched on BSB, so scroll down. ;)

When Carson called Eminem, it may have been the most awkward interview I have witnessed in a while. Either Eminem wasn't exactly understanding Carson, or he just did not want to do it at all. He wouldn't answer many questions, and I'm pretty sure he said he was DISAPPOINTED in his HUGE crowd when he visited the set in 2002. He wouldn't even say what his inspiration for his longggg awaited album was. Way to go, dummy.

Nelly, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg did a "legendary" performance. I was expecting something a little more from the way they were talking about it throughout the night, but it was a solid performance from all 3.

Diddy "broke the record" of most appearances on the show.. Imagine that. The guy works right across the street, and shows up whenever he feels like it. Last night was his 38th, and final appearance. How ever will he promote albums now?!

Side/quick note: They showed a clip of a Britney performance, where Justin says "OMG I REQUESTED BRITNEY BECAUSE I WANT TO DATE HER ONE DAY!"

Apparently a while back, Heidi Montag rapped for Nelly.. Now he got his chance to give his REAL reaction.

The point of the show was to countdown the most influential songs to TRL. Britney, of course, was #1 [even though she "couldn't make it" on the show] with Eminem at #2. Hey Ya, Bawitdaba, Yeah, Bye Bye Bye and more by people like Christina and BSB were on the list, too!

And finally, they all toasted to TRL and said their goodbyes.. While Snoop and Kid Rock passed a blunt back and forth.. Hilarious. It was emotional for anyone who has ever liked the show. You could tell they really didn't know how to end it. Then, Carson said "Why are we ending this show?"

Honestly Carson, as much as I DON'T watch it on the regular, I have no idea either. And neither do any of the artists. It's a shame, and you HAVE to admit it whether you still tune in or not.

Farewell, Total Request Live. You will be missed.
Total Finale Live-- Good show. Mad props.


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