Monday, November 17, 2008

nice receipt

Ever notice that when you return something to a store, many times it will have your information on the receipt.. Assuming they asked for it..?

Most people probably don't notice it. Most people probably don't look at much of their receipt unless they're really bored or wanting to check something out.

When Keith Slater returned a pair of shoes to Journeys, his receipt said something he'd NEVER expect.. Check out the picture.

That IS the actual receipt he received, and when he reported it, the cashier said she picked option 6 when she rang him up, and didn't know that's what option 6 meant. Yeah. Okay.

I can't believe this is even possible, first of all. Second, I can't believe someone would ever have the nerve to do something like this. Third... THIS IS NOT OKAY! We are in 2008, people. We have a black president about to be inaugurated. We have latinos on their way to being the majority. It's about time to put the racism behind ya.. Seriously.

Ugh, I just got really angry.


PS: Check out the actual news package here.

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