Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"spoiler" alert


US Magazine and "Extra" are reporting that none other than LC and Heidi Montag are FRIENDS AGAIN!

Well, we're not sure if they're friends, but they're definitely civil!

After one of LC's shows for her clothing line, Speidi (yes, BOTH parts!!) were seen congratulating Lauren.. and Heidi even gave her a hug!

"Yes, it's true. Heidi was at STK. She came in to the after party to congratulate me on the show, it was nice of her. I appreciated it."
--LC told US Magazine about the incident.
They have been talking a lot about "missing each other" both on and off the show, so maybe this is real. Maybe.

Again, I will ask, will you please raise your hand if you're surprised?

It's the end of the season of "The Hills" probably, and it might be the last season period with talks of people like Audrina and Whitney leaving the show.. So isn't the whole point of this "reality show" to bring the two ex-BFF's back together again??

If it's all real and true, I'm happy for them. If it was all for show, meh, no big surprise.

Either way, Heidi, you need to get rid of that d-bag you're with.


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