Tuesday, October 7, 2008

songs to check 100708

Kanye's video and Hil Duff's new song are in previous posts.. but here are some more songs I listened to today and think you should check out too. :)

T-Pain ft. Chris Brown- Freeze

Now, I think anything either of these 2 guys do right now is gonna be hott. And I don't know that this is an exception. I definitely like it, it's got a good beat, they sound good. Only beef I have is the beat-boxing. It's super cool and different, but comes out of nowhere. But who knows, maybe in another couple listens, I'll love it.. and be trying to do it. (Oh boy.)

Nicole Wray- Dice Roll

The only song I have on my iTunes from her is "I Wanna Kiss You" so I don't know much about her. This is the first single from her upcoming album. I like the idea of the song, and what she's saying and all that, but I don't know how I feel about the overall sound. She's very Fantasia or Macy Gray, right?! Which is cool, I just don't know if it works all together.

Akon ft. Lil Wayne- Get Paid

I feel like maybe I'm late on this and heard someone talking about it before, but I could be wrong.. who knows. Anyways, two more guys who no one can get enough of right now, so it's not going to be a good song. But, I don't think it's anything new or something that hasn't been doing. For some reason the chorus reminds me of the Pretty Ricky song "My Body"... Am I alone? Eh, it's not bad. I'll download it. But it's nothing for me to be excited about.

Christina Millian- Us Against The World

This is the first single for Christina from her album which is set to be released sometime Spring 2009. She calls it a "cinematic power ballad" and I think I agree. I definitely like the song. Unfortunately, as some of you may have noticed, I tend to be a bit biased, and I definitely have always liked her. I also like cute love songs. ;) But I think this is a great song.. and a great single to get that album started!

Rehab- The Bartender Song

Someone over the summer told me this was a really old song. Still, when it got played the other day, I heard so many people saying "what is this song?" Well, it's the Bartender Song. And it's hilarious. So if you havent heard it yet, today is the day.

I'm trying to find some country out there for my country lovers, but I'm having a harder time than I hoped. Sorry!

Thanks to The Hype Factor for supplying me with the songs!! :)


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