Monday, October 20, 2008

repeating history

So there's a new movie coming out starring Miss Beyonce Knowles.

It's called "Cadillac Records" and is about the rise and fall of Chess Records, and all the hardships that went on in the music business in the 1950s. [It's set to come out December 5]

Beyonce plays the "celebrated artist," and stars alongside Gabrielle Union, Adrienne Brody, and Mos Def.

Does anyone else feel like Beyonce just repeats history over and over again?

I mean, her new song "Single Ladies" is JUST LIKE everything else she has ever done.. and this movie gives me the whole Dreamgirls vibe. [AND she's rockin' an afro, just like in Austin Powers.. but maybe that's me taking it too far.]

Oh, and didn't she get not the best reviews for that after she had been super cocky about it?

I don't know. I wish the best for ya, B, but someday I'd like to see somethin' different.


PS: Check out lots of pictures from the movie here!

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