Monday, October 20, 2008

your randomness for the day

Do you ladies love your coffee?!

Unless you're trying to reduce your bra size, you might want to watch how much you drink.

A new study shows that women who drink 3+ cups of coffee a day have a higher chance of their boobs shrinking!

Yikes. Good thing I don't like coffee.

There are millions of dating myths out there.. What you should do, what you shouldn't..

Now, CNN is here to tell us 4 myths NOT to believe/live by. Things that should be considered.. And we all know CNN knows their stuff.

1.) Snooping. --> DON'T DO IT. Not unless you have a terrible, rip your heart out of your stomach feeling.
2.)Going to bed angry--> Okay, it's hard to do this.. But sometimes, you just gotta get some sleep and work on it in the morning. Why lose sleep if you've already possibly lost something else?
3.) Mixing business with pleasure--> Pff. Do it up. Just don't cause a scene about it! Everyone likes a little spice in their daily routine, right?
4.) Talking politics on the first date--> Probably not the best idea, but with times like they are right now, what else are you going to talk about?! It's inevitable. Just be smart.

And now that I have filled your brains with some useless.. I mean, useful, information, I hope you have a splendid evening. ;)


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