Monday, October 20, 2008

morons on monday 102008

What's worse: A drunk mom driving her 9 yr old daughter, or a 9 year-old girl driving her drunk mom? Yea, the police couldn't decide either, so she got a measly traffic violation.

Woah, good thing this lady lives near the Sandlot! The police would have a lot of work to do! Apparently she hates balls landing in her yard so much, she'll go to jail before being nice to the boys.

I know some people always thought their parents were pushy and didn't allow you to have any downtime, but I think we oughtta count our blessings. A man ordered his SON to jail because of idleness. He said he wasn't doing anything productive and demanded his son go to jail so that he [the dad] could be free.

I've heard of massages with a "special ending" or whatever, but never a car wash! And wow, it involves a vacuum too! Homeboy is disgusting.

Believe it or not people, there ARE some idiots out there. God bless them................


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