Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i looooove football

I'm allowed to say it this weekend...

Okay, that's all. For now, anyways. ;)

Hello Mr. Peter King and your Monday Morning QB... How ya doin?! :)

Yup. Dallas got creamed. Darn. Guess that deal last week wasn't such a "lifesaver" for them
after all. If there's anything I have learned about football in the past 4 years since I have really gotten into it, it's that the money you spend on players is NOT what matters. It's about chemistry... Letting things flow. It doesn't matter how good of players you have if they don't work together.. Especially if they're all injured.

Let's go to "the rankings" if you will--> Giants, Titans, Steelers,
Buccs, Bills, Panthers, Skins, Bears, Eagles, Packers....

Look at that, the Skins went down this week even though they lost. Doesn't surprise me.
But, the Giants are 5-1, Titans are 6-0. Granted, the Titans haven't played any amazing teams, but I don't know you can say Giants did, either. And they lost to the Browns.... Definitely not anything to say "oh well" about. Call me old-fashioned, but I think Titans should be #1.

The next 3 I'm okay with.. But then we get to the Panthers and Redskins. Hm. I think the
only thing the Panthers have over us is the fact that they didn't have such a TERRIBLY BORING game. Mr. King says we struggled against the Browns, and shouldn't have, so that's why we're #7. Okay, we shouldn't have, but it was just a defensive game. AKA boring, not terrible. [Portis certainly remaining on top of his game.. But people are beginning to figure that out.]

Now onto Mr. Brett Favre. Oh what this man has done to tarnish his reputation in the past year. He REALLY is going to sell out his old team to the opponent?!

Fox News is reporting so, but Peter King doesn't think so. It's interesting. Personally, I think
I'll believe Fox. Though I don't think he gave away a bunch of plays or anything, I don't doubt that he didn't share a couple secrets.

That's terrible. I don't even know what to say. It's like a bad break-up situation or something.

And I can't believe more people or programs [such as ESPN] aren't making a bigger deal of this! I feel like if it were anyone else, say TO or "Ocho-Cinco", it would have been investigated and talked about all crazy! They're virtually ignoring it, whether true or not. THIS IS CHEATING, PEOPLE! Maybe not against the rules, but certainly ethicallly cheating. Ugh.

I feel like a lot, but nothing crazy happened football-wise. Sure, Favre needs to get his ish together and be a real person.. and Dallas needs to find their courage and heart..

I think all you need to do is find respect for Washington and lost so much love for Dallas, Mr. King. Then again, I can't be one to talk I suppose.


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