Wednesday, October 8, 2008

not so much a finale

Alright, I've GOT to express my thoughts on tonights MTB4.

We all know there have been 59384 rumors going around that Danity Kane IS really breaking up. And we have seen the commercials/previews for not only tonight's episode, but next weeks season finale of "Making the Band."

Now, we've seen tonight's episode.

Diddy did in fact tell Aubrey that she is no longer in the group. And that's where the episode ended. (Of course, gotta leave everyone hangin, right?) Then he says things about who wants to go with her etc etc.

It all happened because Aubrey and Aundrea have sent emails to Diddy wanting to leave the group in the past, different "cliques" within the group, and "trust issues." BUT, also because of his secrecy when it comes to doing things with Dawn.

This is where I side with Miss O'Day for once. She was being very firm with Diddy, but I think she had a very valid point. She was saying that when he does things with Dawn, or when management does things without telling them, it creates huge trust issues and that they should all have the right to know when things are going on.

Diddy's reaction: I own Bad Boy, I don't care.

Uhh. Yea, you own it, so when they sabotage something to get you back, YOU'RE the one who looks bad. YOU are also the one who looks bad when you give these girls NO respect, Mr. Combs.

He definitely showed his cocky, high-horse riding self in tonight's episode, and it was not cool at all. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole group offered to follow Aubrey.. but I still hope that no one leaves.. Not even Slut-brey. :)

Diddy, get your act together. And by act, I don't mean DK, Day26, Donnie, or other Bad Boy artists. I mean you. Stop being such a pain to work for.. it's not cool anymore. YOU are letting people down.


PS: I am officially picking Brian as my favorite Day26er. He doesn't get enough love, and he's HILARIOUS, and so genuinely nice.. So move over, ladies. ;)
PPS: Their trip to Cabo looked like TOO much fun! For once I thought Diddy was going to be awesome for an entire episode.

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