Wednesday, October 8, 2008

if i ran a news program, these would be my main stories

There's a new treat to give to teachers these days-- "special" cakes. Yea, you heard right.. baked goods with weed in them. A 15 year old girl gave some to two different teachers who ended up in the hospital hours later. Now she's been suspended temporarily.

Anyone remember the story over the summer about the lady who got stuck to her toilet? She had been sitting on it for two years, apparently refusing to come out of the bathroom. Her husband would bring her food and whatever she needed, but she refused to get off the toilet. Well now, her husband has won the lottery.

One night my brother woke up and saw a mouse sitting on his lap in his bed. I think this story is a little worse. A girl woke up to her biggest fear, a snake wrapped around her neck.

I think they'd make one great evening news segment, what do you think?! :)


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