Monday, October 6, 2008

he likes it, he loves it, and wants more of it

Since he's been back in front of the camera thanks to Dancing With The Stars, Lance Bass wants more of it even when the show is over!

He says he probably won't release any solo cd's because "the music industry is such a crapshoot these days".. and you never know what's going to be popular. BUT he is looking to have a sitcom sometime in the future.

He co-starred in "On the Line" with fellow NSYNCer Joey Fatone back in 2001, and did an episode of 7th Heaven.. but other than that he hasn't done much "big" acting. Still, I think it'd be interesting.. Seeing little ol Lance Bass on something like Friends or Entourage even.. :-P

I'm rootin for ya, Lance! On DWTS AND to get you a show! ;)

[a HUGE NSYNC fan.. always and forever! :)]

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