Monday, October 6, 2008

which cause will they fight for

What better way to raise money for charity than to have LiLo's dad Michael fight someone?

I know I know! Have him fight Perez Hilton in the ring! That's the best idea I've ever heard!

Apparently Mr. Lohan was supposed to fight Britney's ex Kevin Federline in an event to raise money for Long Island Community Chest.. "which helps kids." When Kevin backed out, Lohan decided he'd like to see the queen himself, Mr. Perez Hilton.

Doesn't surprise me, seeing as Perez always says ish about the dad of the year..... But I still side with Perez!

It's not official yet, but they have been throwing a couple jabs back and forth:

“Out of all the people on this planet, if there is one person I would really love to get in the ring with me, it would be Perez Hilton."
-- Michael Lohan

"I don't think Michael Lohan can handle the whooping I'd throw his way. I would obliterate him with my right hook in the ring!"
-- Perez Hilton

"In the event Perez can conjure up the nerve, he knows where to find me."
--Mr. Thinks He Does No Wrong

IF it happens.. it's going to be on November 24 in Long Island, NY. Bidding will start at 5,000$! once it's online.

I can't help but think, though.. seriously.. WHY have a FIGHT to raise money for kids? And, of all guys to be looking to do it, why is it MiLo.. Lindsay Lohan's dad? This is definitely just about trying to get Perez for all the jabs he's already taken at Michael.

I say do it, Perez!! Shut him up for good and then REALLY write what's on your mind! [Well, assuming you might have SOMETHING in there you haven't already expressed..]


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