Monday, October 6, 2008

for all you 'skins fans... and the haters

Mike Mosley of ESPN added another article to his blog last night.. this time about how different the Washington Redskins are playing since week 1.

Like everyone else across the nation, he's somewhat shocked to see the Skins keep winning, after being dubbed the "cellar dwellers of the NFC East." Now he's noticing that it's a different game, and Coach Zorn and his boys are out to win.

Zorn is no longer being looked at as a rookie coach who is in way over his head, but someone who is aiming to be coach of the year.

Mosley's blog is just like every other reaction I have been getting as I walk around WVU's campus today with my "I'm a fan" shirt on. Things like "Wow, your skins are really pulling out those wins, huh?" And "how are your skins doing it?! I always say 'oh they're surely going to lose this one.. IN Philly.. but you win!'" My personal favorite that I just got-- "Ya boy Merril Hodge just said the skins are the best team in football. Wow."

Only thing about that comment is I'm a firm believer in jinxing things. I'm also a believer in the fact that the Washington Redskins are doing so great this year because they have been brought together by a set of terrible things. They are putting their heads in the game and working TOGETHER. We've always had good players, but they haven't always worked together. And now, they finally are.

So to the haters, watch out. But keep doubting us, because it only makes us stronger. To my fellow fans-- HAIL VICTORY!


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