Tuesday, September 16, 2008

well hello

Hey everyone!
I'm elizabethany!

I've been reading all types of blogs lately, (Perez of course, the Redskins' Chris Cooley who is hilarious, fellow Woodbridgian Bdot, everyone at HOT 99.5, a bunch of other random ones, and watching Gossip Girl..) and decided that it's something I definitely want to do.

Before I get started I just thought that in case anyone random is reading this, I'd introduce myself. :)

I'm from Northern VA and I go to WVU.
I'm 21 years old.

who i am
I'm a gymnast of 16 years. I don't compete anymore, but I still work out and coach.
I drag race Volkswagens at the Bug Out in Manassas, VA twice a year.
I love celebrities. That includes any type. Music, acting, sports, even people who don't have talent.
I take a lot of pictures.. there's no such thing as too many.
I'm outgoing, always smiling, out of control, loud, honest, outspoken, welcoming and ambitious.

who i will be
Someone you're gonna remember-->
Maybe a tv news reporter
Maybe a radio DJ
Hopefully and entertainment show host.

So hopefully I'll gain some readers eventually!
My apologies if you hate my opinions.. but as I said before, I'm honest AND outspoken, so they're gonna shine through. :)


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