Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So it looks like our beloved TRL is going away.. but "not forever."

Apparently they want to end on a "high note" and on their 10 year anniversary probably in November.. and hopefully with lots of our favorite artists from the "pop" era.. (YAY! BRITNEY!)

I personally don't understand it.

The quick 30 second versions of the top-10 videos were the most you're going to see on the "Music Television" station. W
With the exception of the new FNMTV, the chances of the average person watching music videos on MTV is slim to none.

And not saying that TRL was the best way to show music or anything.. just saying it was the only chance people got during the day to watch any of it on the beloved MTV.

Also, no more standing outside of the MTV Studios and screaming as loud as you can hoping there's SOME chance they'll let you come up?!
No more artists promoting their albums being released on MTV either, I guess. (What other show could they do it on?)
And from a personal stand-point.. I guess I better find another show to hope to be on one day. Call me corny, but I always thought it'd be awesome to be a host of that show..

I don't know.. just seems like a not-so-smart move.

MTV, I really hope you have something really great up your sleeves..

love, elizabethany

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