Thursday, September 18, 2008

cmon girl

Didn't Diddy tell Aubrey O'Day to NOT come off as a slut?!

I'm sorry, but even though I'm an EXTREMELY loyal fan [I'd consider myself obsessed..] this is just too much for me! I even get sad saying it.. I root for this girl but all of this is just too much.

These pics are part of a spread for Complex Magazine..

She's such a hott girl! She sooo doesn't need these pictures to prove it, I promise!

What makes it worse is her interview with them.. She talks about gettin hit on by all the "urban guys".. and even a married, famous NBA star! [I mean, I'm all about putting guys on blast if they deserve it, I guess.. so go 'head girl!]

And really, I can TOTALLY support the half naked... or.. 3/4 naked pictures because her body is hott so why not show it off?! BUT... that FACE! She's totally got an O-face.. which is awkward, to say the least, and really doesn't even look GOOD ever..

Anyways, check out the whole interview here. Feel free to let me know what YOU think.

In the meantime, Aubs, Aubarilla, my girl, I know you say you're okay with this whole look but let's try and remember your girls of DK.. and try to work on making a better sex-face. Please and thanks. :)


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