Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mama spears is goin full force

I mentioned yesterday that Mama Spears (aka Lynn Spears) released her little "tell-all" book..

What I didn't mention is that she was also promoting it on The Today Show.. where she says it wasn't written to be a parenting book or a tell-all, but rather a "set it straight."


Then she tells Meredith that it was never her pushing Britney growing up (which, okay, I mighttt believe that..) but that Britney was pushing her.. Alright fine. But as a parent I think it's the sacrifice you make for your children right? I mean, you support them in what they do, whatever that means..?

What I found rather funny though, and maybe true but that's not the point, is that she couldn't really control her daughter because it was like when other kids go to college. BritBrit was out doin her thing and she didn't know everything that was going on.. just like when kids go to school and their parents can't see everything they're doing.

OK fine.. Mama Spears got me on that..

But THIS is what made me chuckle a little bit--> She said that she has always taken the blame... most especially with Jamie Lynn's prego-ness......................... Did she?!?! Cuzzz, I thought putting your daughters on blast DID make you look bad, but it makes them look terrible, too.. I don't know if that counts as "taking the blame"...

Check out the interview for yourself.. It's in two parts-->

I don't know.. I guess I shouldn't hate on you too much Mama until I read the book.. but until then, interviews and other websites are all I got..


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