Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a little too old for the squad

OK soo, please tell me you guys have heard about the lady who decided it would be great to go back to high school, join the cheerleading squad, go to a pool party with all her friends....


<----- yea, THAT'S HER! Ms. Wendy Brown. Do you think she can pass at 15? I feel like if she wore some awkward freshman year clothing she might be able to pull it off... but in a BATHING SUIT?! Yikes, I'm just not so sure.. But ya, apparently she stole her daughter's identity, went to her high school for one day, made the cheerleading squad, and hung out with them at a pool party. She only went for a day because then she ended up in jail for fraud for SOMETHING ELSE.. Lady, this only works in Never Been Kissed... not the real world. Come on now...


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