Tuesday, February 27, 2018

listen: what it's like to be a redskins cheerleader

Holy CRAZY life on the show lately! My "Exposed" segment has been taking off and I've been having all sorts of artists on my show/podcast lately and it has been feeling so good!

Beyond musicians though, I love talking to people who do other things that may be a little in the spotlight or at least a combination of known and mysterious.

Like... how about Redskins Cheerleaders?!

Two of them came into my show the other day thinking we'd do some quick live thing
promoting their upcoming auditions, but I had more plans. I wanted to pick their brains... find out about their lives and expectations and everything there is! For the first time in a while, I knew I didn't have to write down questions because I'd just be so genuinely interested.. but I did write some of them down after the fact.
  • What does it take to be on the team?
  • How much time/effort does it take during the week?
  • How much do they get paid?
  • What else do they do with their lives?
  • What's a game day like?
  • Do they have friendships or any sort of relationship with players?
  • How do they make sure they stand out among the cheerleaders on the field? 

There are a lot of giggles and us being girls, but that's what happens when you're vibing right?! Listen to the fun with Candess and Javai:

Listen to "What does it take to be a First Lady of Football?" on Spreaker.

Also, check out their beauty:

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I guess this means I have some new besties on the field to call upon for an extra special good time next season?! *fingers crossed*