Monday, July 24, 2017

exclusive interview: lfo plays truth or dare AND their new song!

A couple months ago I got an email from a "Brad" saying he was a fellow 90s loving and fanny pack wearing freak. Turns out, it was BRAD FROM FREAKING LFO.

LFO= one of the few albums that I'd say defined my life. I know every word to it. I was effing pumped to get this email.

He said he was coming to town and wanted to come in to the studio and all I could say was HELL YES.

Fast forward to today and they came! Brad and Devin joined me in our Southwest Soundstage to chat, play Truth or Dare Jenga, and play their new song. Then they surprised me by challenging me to sing every word to "Summer Girls.." IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM. I immediately turned 14 again, blushed the whole time, and freaked the freak out.

The full video is below, but here are some highlights:
  • 2:50 - What they've been up to since we last heard from them [hint: family time and Devin crashing in Brad's house]
  • 4:35 - How they continue on without Rich and honor him on their tour [Rich In Love]
  • 14:15 - Brad prank calls a girl who was on her way, but running late
  • 16:10 - The main thing that's different this time around... they have important things to say
  • 19:25 - Their new song Perfect 10
  • 23:00 - They make me prove that I know all the words to Summer Girls, which I.... well... I TRIED OKAY!

Talking to people that I never even DREAMED of having the chance to meet will never get old... or normal. I kept telling them that it felt surreal, even if "the main guy" wasn't there. Now I can forgive my mom for not paying hundreds of dollars for me to see them way back when. She thanks you for that, LFO.



Unknown said...

I can't find the video! :(

elizabethany said...

Sorry! It's fixed now!!