Friday, April 7, 2017

what i'm wearin: my vegas acm outfits

So, I went to Vegas again...... 13 months ago, I was terrified of Vegas. I thought if I ever went, I'd never come out alive. Somehow.... I'm alive... or something like that. 

It was ACM weekend again, with Nashville taking over Vegas... but we still got to live the Vegas nightlife. More on everything that happened later. Right now, it's all about what I wore because I spent ENTIRELY too long and too much last-minute-shipping money for me to not show you. 

Of course, I didn't get pictures while there because that'd be silly.... so we're checking out high quality mirror selfies, y'all.

Believe it or not, we actually got out of the hotel by 11am one day. We hit brunch then the neon sign museum! Turns out it was 48 degrees and I was not at all prepared for this, but I enjoyed this outfit too much to buy a souvenir hoody to be warm.

-Express jeans, always
-Target sandals that I destroyed on day one $24
-choker from Amazon

NIGHT ONE: The station event/concert All Star Guitar Pull
I knew I needed to be a little toned down, but wanted to mix in some trendy, and brought a few options out there. Then our power went out because of a wind storm so I had to pick the dress that didn't require ironing.... just required shaving in the sink with a bottled water. 
If I were getting married any time soon, this would have been purchased for any one of those events leading up to it but lolololol that's not happening. I'll just wear a white dress for the hell of it.

-dress from F21 last year's clearance $25
-shoes from DSW clearance $20
-earrings with a fake pearl and gem from H&M $1

I threw half my hair up for an added *angelic* touch. Is that the vibe you get from that style like me?!

NIGHT TWO: A concert, a bar, and a sleep walk
[Side note let's not ask about the sleep walking thing... if you're lucky you heard about it on the air.]
I've never in my life worn anything like this.... never felt confident to do so. Like a lot of girls ladies [WTF DO I EVEN CALL MYSELF] I don't like my boobs, so why show them?! Well, why the hell not?! These bodysuits have a way of bringing out your sexy, inside and out. Add in some lace up jeans and vodka and I was on my way to be the queen of Vegas for the night.

-bodysuit from ASOS $9
-Express jeans [sale $40]
-heels from Charlotte Russe ~$20
-F21 necklace $11

-you can't see make-up details, but I mixed a purple that matches my hair and black sparkles, because Vegas

NIGHT THREE: A beach concert and a club
How the hell do you dress for so many different kinds of places in one night?! Well, a dress. And another night of not wearing a bra has me questioning if I have changed into a completely different person and when it happened..
This is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. 

-dress from Boohoo $15
-same shoes from DSW
-I had some big ol' gem earrings but they broke that night while racking up a $20k bar tab... but like I said, more on that stuff later. *sparking your curiosity*

It's silly that I can't find so much of that stuff on the websites anymore... but that's what happens when you shop clearance and I am not sorry for that. If you like something, lemme know, and I'll keep an eye out for similar things and let ya know. ;) 



Panty Buns said...

You look fabulous in that off-shoulder frill crop-top from Boohoo in the firs pair of photos. I love your (new?) hair-colour. Your hair looks beautiful. I also like the pretty earrings you were wearing. You look gorgeous in that white lace dress from Forever 21 - I can quite easily imagine you getting multiple marriage proposals. You look great (and fit) in Asos the bodysuit with Forever 21 statement necklace. That Boohoo dress you wore to the beach concert and club does look comfy!

Unknown said...

You are looking really beautiful. I am obsessed with your dress. It looks really pretty specially the color of the dress. I have a great collection of designer clutch bags you can try with this dress.