Thursday, February 25, 2016

day 3 and 4 in puerto rico: beach days

The best part about blogging vacations is that you get to relive them as you write each post.

After today, RIP Puerto Rico, until next time.

On the second half of the vaca, it was beach time. Soak in that sun after a blizzard, explore the reefs, take underwater pictures in an ocean that's clear enough to do such a thing...

Normally I'm not big on the pay-for-an-excursion thing because you can normally do it on your own, but when I saw the opportunity to rent a boat for the day and go to some different islands for $60, WITH SNACKS INCLUDED, it needed to happen. BONUS: It was less than a mile from my current home.

Driverless boat?! Puh-lease, I'm just pulling some magic. I was el capitan. Wait. WAIT. SHOULDN'T I HAVE BEEN A LA??!?!

Proof that not every vacation picture is nice and perfect and happy. I almost crashed. It's fine. 

On the island they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean on! LOOK AT THAT WATER COLOR. They said locals go to the island on the weekends and throw parties. I imagine it being like a music video. I must attend.

Turns out, little fishies aren't that into taking selfies. AKA they're incredibly rude.

On the final day, I had wanted to take the ferry to Culebra island, but found out it was a 3 hour trip and well, the flight was at 7. That wasn't going to work. Instead I found some more beaches up towards the airport, got a couple boxes of Sangriiia [grown up CapriSun, as I like to call it] and got wasted in the Puerto Rican sun before catching a flight. Hi, I'm smart.

Tried to do one of those cool spashy pics, instead I just look like I'm forfeiting something and dealing with constipation at the same time.

It seems really crazy to realize how much you can fit into a three night trip AND still have chill time, but if you believe it, YOU CAN DO IT!

Here are some things I haven't included pictures of yet or resources that might be helpful, should you ever go to Puerto Rico.


  • Breakfast was made- you gotta save some money!
  • Greengo's in Old San Juan, as shown in my other post.
  • There's a taco stand on the right side of the road when you head up to the rainforest. Pull over, eat there. You'll know it when you see it. There's a little shop next to it, and the view in the back is gorgeous [props to Kelli for telling me that]!
  • El Veradero in Fajardo had fabulous fish, but they open pretty late and close pretty early.
  • El Pescador in Fajardo was the "big meal" of the week. It was once a food truck, now it's a really cool place with awesome ambiance, and lets you pick out your whole fish or whole lobster to cook. As intimidated as I was, it was crazy good. They also have at least six different types of sangria and that is important when choosing where to eat. [The owner of this is related to the owner of the other restaurant that I kept hearing so much about- El Estacion.]

  • This website is how I decided which beaches to try out/which were for me, depending on what kinda vacation you're looking for.
  • This company has a lot of excursions like the boat, the Bio Bay, etc if you're into that sorta thing. I loved our instructors.
  • I was told that the Arecibo Observatory was really cool, but never got time to go there. 
  • Nightlife is nonexistent outside of San Juan. You might find some people here and there, if you're lucky, but I didn't. It seemed like everything was always closed, or at least about to. They might not believe in working, I'm not sure. 
  • Prepare yourself for stray dogs and cats everywhere. It was really heartbreaking at first. I wanted to feed them all. There were two that sat outside of the condo 24/7, and one was clearly so sick, but I had no idea how to help/if I could. One of our boat guides told us that hitting a dog with a car is a worse offense than hitting a human, though.. so at least they care? Or something?
  • Beer cans are 10 oz. It's stupid. Not stupid: The Gasolina pouches that I mentioned before. Hi drunk, nice to meet you. 

The most important thing to know is JUST LOOK UP A DAMN FLIGHT EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE AND BOOK IT. The rest will come together later. Especially if you have a group of people- it'll be the cheapest trip.... but like I say- don't wait for others to be ready to travel. Just do it.


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