Tuesday, March 10, 2015

giveaway! jackpot candles

Who doesn't love a good surprise?! Well.. some surprises. Gift surprises.

The fun of getting those little mystery bags as a kid is now in the form of a candle. Jackpot candles don't just have rings inside, but all kinds of jewelry! And the best part is- if you do want a ring, you give them your ring size so it's guaranteed to fit.

I got two of them, one with a ring and one with any of the other stuff, in "Cherry Blast" and "Ocean Breeze" scents. I definitely like the Ocean Breeze one better. Maybe it's because I just want the summer to finally be here, or maybe the Cherry Blast smells a little too much like cherry candy to me. Both did a pretty good job of smelling up my apartment, though.

If you're hoping to get these candles and your prizes on the inside quickly, that probably won't happen unless you accidentally leave it burning all day and overnight like I did. Woops. It definitely takes several hours to get to it, maybe about 10. The good news is- the candle is probably only... 1/5 of the way gone so it should last a while!

I ended up getting a pretty pink ring and a necklace I really love with a clear gem pendant thing. You can go on their website to get the appraisal; each of mine are worth $18.

The great news is- they want me to give YOU one! So if you want a Jackpot of your choosing, there are a couple ways to enter to win!:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You have until March 17 at 11:59pm to enter as many times as you'd like! Good luck and have fun!

And you should probably get a head start on picking out which one you'd like... at JackpotCandles.com... where you'll also see that they have jewelry up to $5000, and use all natural soy and other goodness.


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