Monday, March 23, 2015

podcast: the 31 year old virgin

When my friend said he wanted to bring his virgin friend in to the show... I had a ton of ideas in my head but I really didn't know that anything would be as good as I was imagining. Could I hook him up with someone listening? Should I make-out with him in the studio? It was all up in the air.

They came in Friday night and I could tell he was not into opening up on air any time soon. We started chatting though, and the microphone was positioned so perfectly that I had to hit record before telling him what we were talking about was for the show.

I can't even begin to comprehend the things that he was saying! Nor can I explain how baffled and entertained I was by all of it, especially his laugh.

Nothing needs to be further explained... it's all within the podcast. Enjoy.

That's real life. All of it. He's hopefully going to be going out with this chic who lives within ten minutes of him, and we'll get an update after that happens.

People actually live life like that. And he goes out and has friends and everything!



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