Tuesday, January 20, 2015

elizabethanytv: condom races with zara larsson

Did you see the girl who put a condom on her leg to prove that no guy is too big for one? Here's a refresher.

Ein von Zara Larsson (@zaralarsson) gepostetes Foto am
SO... turns out she's a 17 year old Swedish singer and was set to come into the studio. Obviously I had to turn it into a very unique game that no one else would ever be down with.

Her mom was in the room, and I dared her to race me in putting condoms on crazy ish. Those Swedes are a lot more liberal than we are, though. their openness in sex talk is ridiculously refreshing. They called us Americans out for almost whispering every time we mention condoms on the air. That's just silly.

So who wins?

Yeah, that was bad on my part. Like, really bad. I don't even have nails and I still managed to break them all. Hey Trojan- have any comment on why a grown ass woman can't make it happen?

Seriously, though... that girl is a champ. I'm speechless.

Hopefully we'll have more of the performance posted on the website soon.


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