Monday, January 19, 2015

wearing: not so basic basics

Somehow "basic" became one of the worst things to ever be. I used to love stocking up on all kinds of basics so I could throw them together into a simple but decent outfit. Now... how dare I step foot into any sort of "basic" section in a store. 

Then I throw on this sweater/sweatshirt type of thing and realize as fancy as the zippers and different materials may be, it's still a girl wearing a sweater, scarf, and boot socks. 

I'm not mad about it. 

-top from NYC boutique
-scarf from Charlotte Russe
-Express jeans from TJ Maxx
-boot socks/leg warmer things from TJ Maxx
-boots from Target

On Mondays, I want nothing to do with getting ready or picking out an outfit, so something like this is perfect. And ya know what... the zippers seem pretty damn fancy to me.


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