Friday, October 10, 2014

wearing: a diy peplum top

What do you do when you get an article of clothing that fits pretty well, but is see-through or the wrong color or something? You dye it, duh.

I was forever looking for a white peplum shirt and got one from ASUS that fit well, but it was so see through and any tanks underneath looked ridiculous. When I realized it was too late to return it, I decided to just try and dye it.

Even though the threading didn't change colors, I love the way it turned out! And now I think I'll become addicted to dying things custom colors.

-peplum top from ASUS
-floral jeans from Forever21
-grey suede pumps from H&M
-necklace from Charlotte Russe

I still can't decide if the peplum shape is flattering or not on me. Honest opinions are very welcome. 

Also... I'm trying to get every last day out of tanks before I have to start pairing them with jackets every day. That's annoying.


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