Wednesday, August 13, 2014

giveaway! exofab phone case

Welcome to 2014, where we have phone cases/covers that allow you to take hands-free selfies!

Exofab makes these stick-on covers that protect your phone, but more importantly- stick to hard surfaces so you can set a timer and take the best selfie possible!

When I first tried it, I was worried about it sticking to the inside of my pocket and being annoying, but it's really not doing that! It's just made to stick to smooth and hard surfaces like windows, TVs, cars, signs, whatever you can find! And BOTH sides can hold the phone up!

Some bonuses: it comes with a screen protector and a waterproof bag/case thing so you can take it to the beach or pool or whatever and not worry about it. Also: If you're attached the case you have, you could just stick this sucker to the back/front.

They have them for all the major phones in a bunch of different colors, and you can check them out right over here. 

AND... you can try one out for yourself if you enter my giveaway! They're being extra awesome and letting me give away TWO of these selfie game-changers, and you'll get to pick out which one! Enter below, and I'll pick winners Wednesday, August 20th at midnight. 

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