Thursday, January 2, 2014

what ya wearin christmas and new year's eve

Well, this is very bittersweet. As I said before, this marks the end of one of my favorite traditions I've ever had on my blog.... but before I get all sappy, let's look at the greatness that was tagged from the recent holidays.

@melmoraes was perfect with a gold, one-sleeved dress.... and a champagne chug. I'm obsessed. 

@BlaineStewart rockin' the puffer vest and way too cool for a mirror!

@fangirlrenee got some faaaancy fun shoes!

How hott does @Alexonthemic look with that cut-out?!

@Siarrahhh was pretty in floral with her skirt and the lace!

Loving @justchilin_24's festive tie and argyle!

Also rockin the argyle is @JenDBradley!

@lindseyvolt's sweater and subtle sparkle underneath is really great

@riskybusinesslm went with the sweater vest!

@lexibunny looks gorgeous in a simple little black dress

You know I love the skater skirts and crop tops [as you'll see soon].. and @tannerlinwood did it perfectly!

@shay_kayyy27 with the open back sweater and wine-colored pants!

How perfect is @caseyreneed's dress for NYE?! The sparkles, the gold, the slinky material!

I can't decide if I like @jonelmarie's onesie or the atmosphere she's in better.

@gfcoyle got all sortsa festive for his broadcast

I'm a HUGE fan of the colors going on and everything about this look on @nickeys_paparazzi

More gold and sparkle perfection on @ayoder9052!

@shelbybrooooke and @brooookemarie both sparkled beautifully!

And I loved the studs on @jennay_z's dress!

@misterignacio is so dapper in the black and white! AND I'm loving the other guy's red pants/white bow tie.

YAY for more sparkles on @modelbrittanyj!

How awesome are @muchachamary's pants?! They're perfect.

And check out @djgoofywhitekid with the black on black skinny tie!

For me... I wore a pretty basic outfit on Christmas... it was this shirt with my red pants. But then I added on this headband while incredibly ADD and opening presents. 

But my New Year's outfit... after a ton of deliberation and sending pics to my friends for approval, I'm pretty obsessed with it. 

I got really lucky.. 
-crop top from Body Central $5 [it had a criss-cross back]
-leather skirt from H&M $7
-old tights and shoes, totaling about $20
-this necklace that I wasn't planing on wearing, but you can never have too much sparkle on NYE! It's from Charlotte Russe for $5! 

I went out shopping THE DAY OF... I don't know how that all worked out for me so well for once, but I will never complain.

*Sigh.* And there it is. 

For the record... I BEYOND appreciate everyone who made WYWW what it was for over a year. I absolutely loved and still love seeing what you wear! At this point, I feel like I'm always begging for pictures and that's annoying, so I'm going to give it a makeover of sorts. Somehow I still want to feature YOU and YOUR OUTFITS, but it's going to be in a different way. I have some ideas, but I'm open for suggestions! I'll be hitting up some of the regular submitters to bring it back! 

Thank you.. again. 


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