Thursday, October 3, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 100213

Woo! Let's do this! Lemme check ya out!

How adorable is @mchilds00's hair and bow?! MUST MAKE ONE ASAP. [She makes them, too! but got this one at XXI]

@DwightDGroves looking dapper as always and simple in black and white

@vivalasole had patterned leggings and a denim vest! I enjoy.

More bows! How great is @suzieqeliz's top?! Love everything she matched with it.

Pretty black sparkles galore on @melmoraes! 

@mleenvb has a fun, ruffly dress.. but also... how bout that owl curtain?!

Super fan of @miss_saraeckert's skater dress/scarf/boot socks and boots combo!

@amsnedegar is cute in a black maxi and purple tee!

@karixy_ was headed out to happy hour after work

@ms_vdv has a fun aztec dress and leather moto jacket!

@hardknockwife with the fun red tights and lace up booties!

Ooh lala with the sheer shirt, @cupcake_brainz!

Fun! PINK tights for Breast Cancer Awareness... and CATS on @barelyaware!

@llllinds showed off her new 'do and wore one of my fave things- a shirt over her summer dress.

@BrookeRadio's cut-out top is cute on its own, but even better with boots!

@vlaxerg's confused about the weather but looking good in a sparkly shirt and black pants!

Also sporting a new, darker 'do- @abaker1804! Everyone's hair looks so good!

@biebsterfolife and her friend both have fabulous boots, and I'm of course loving the skater skirt.

It was TOGA DAY at @guzmankaren's school!

And @fangirlrenee has a fun teal jacket!

And like I mentioned last week, I ordered this beautiful LC top from Kohl's clearance!

-top $8
-jeans from XXI $15
-small black bow earrings that you can't see $1 from BlueLans

Starting this week, I'm going to be picking some of my favorite looks every week and posting them on my HOT blog! That way we can get more people involved AND have more awesome outfits to look at! So excited!