Friday, December 13, 2013

watch: my segment on news channel 8, and my outfit!

I made my first return to DC TV yesterday! I jumped on 'Lets Talk Live" on News Channel 8 to talk about Jingle Ball! [I can't believe it's on Monday.. so close!!!]

Not going to lie.... I was a little nervous because it's been a while since I've been in front of a camera, and I didn't get to talk to the hosts ahead of time to feel out how much "elizabethany" I could let out.

Luckily... I only had a few ADD stumbles. It's just so weird being the interviewee!

And because I think my facial expressions are ridiculous [or maybe I'm narcissistic, I'm not really sure...], I figured I'd see what I could find in this video. 

Turns out I still have a crooked mouth problem... and yes, I definitely talk just like this while on the radio. 

I had imagined standing up for the interview, so I had put together an outfit that I'm a pretty big fan of... 

The best part... the whole thing only cost me $7!
-dress from my clothing swap party
-sweater tights from Charlotte Russe Black Friday $5
-shoes were a gift from my brother!
-scarf from the thrift shop a couple years ago for maybe $2

Hopefully I can get on TV around here some more! I don't think I'll be sending this tape out to prove why I can do it... but some more practice will be in order!


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