Thursday, December 12, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 121113

Gonna be a short and sweet one today! 

@muchachamary rocked camo and leopard together, while her friend got trendy with the fur vest.

@kastevison and her friend were fashionably bowling with fantastic accessories.

@amylianne rocked a turtleneck and scarf

@llindsbb went a little rocknroll I feel with the oxblood pants and tank.

How great are @vivalasole's new shoes?!

@katie__richter with a comfy but cool sheer top.

I fully enjoy @siarrahhh's scarf and make-up.

And @amsnedegar was matchy with her great flats, and a cute watch.

I went with a leather and lace inspiration from White Owl Boutique... a shop I'm giving away $25 for! Check out the details and enter as many times as you'd like by clicking here!

 Only two more #WYWW's left! Let's send it out with a bang of awesome. :)


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