Thursday, September 19, 2013

real world san francisco: meet arielle patrice scott

Finally, the last piece to the puzzle. [Unless one of them may have moved out and there's a new one in the house... which is a definite possibility right now.]

Allow me to introduce to you Miss Arielle Patrice Scott.

-lives in San Francisco/Bay area
-went to U-Cal at Berkeley
-entrepreneur who started a social media website that's now closed down
-also a model, of course.
-seemingly really into porn

I'm starting to wonder if they purposely picked a lot of people from the area and this is just a new kind of Real World they're looking to do. The current "formula" has been consistently fading out and dropping popularity points, so maybe this is going to be completely different. It'll be interesting to see if it's actually different good, though.

Let me know your thoughts on everything we've figured out! Are you excited or is it lame that they're all models from CA?! [Most, anyway...]



sim490 said...

One of the girl's got a pregnancy test, people are saying she actually pregnant.

On the first San Francisco 3 of the cast members were living in California already too.

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