Monday, September 30, 2013

outfit: skater dress with some bling

Sometimes it's really hard for me to pick outfits for Friday nights. Whatever it is, I have to wear it to work, and then wear it out, to a bar that probably hasn't been picked by the time I leave. It could be fancy, it could be chill.... the options are endless.

Dresses are my go-to for these days. They require the least amount of matching, and are acceptable anywhere. I picked my $6 skater dress and dressed it up with a blingy necklace, and made it workable for the chilly night with some chambray.

-dress from Ross $6
-chambray shirt from Target
-necklace from Rue21 $2
-shoes from Charlotte Russe $5
-makeup is Urban Decay Fishnet and Ransom eyeshadow

You might notice the necklace has a missing piece, but I colored it in with a Sharpie and I don't think it's noticeable unless you're looking that close. Some call me cheap, I call myself practical.

Side note: I love living with a dog again. Dogs make life way more fun and active. That's Abby. She's great.


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