Tuesday, September 3, 2013

join in on the september instagram challenge!

By now you should know that I head the Instagram challenges we do with the station every three months... but if you didn't, now you do!

Because I'm all about them, I'd love for you to be too! Each day, post a picture or video with the inspiration given! It's okay if you've started another one or skip a couple days, as long as you do as many as you can! It's super fun to see all the pictures and into your lives! [It's the stalker in me and I'm NOT sorry about it.]

Here's what we're posting this month:

When you post your pics, just make sure to include the #HOTPicADay hashtag so we can see it! [AND, if you have a private account, be sure to tag me so that I can follow you and see it!] Each day we pick four great ones to post on the station's Facebook! ...no pressure.