Thursday, August 29, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 082813

Was a very different kind of What Ya Wearin Wednesday! I was out working the Ke$ha concert, so decided to take pictures of people there! I think it was my favorite group of people/fans at a concert ever. The fashion was fun and so were they!

BUT, of course, we have your social media pics too!

@ksnedegar was jumping into fall at least a week early... but I guess I can't blame someone for wanting boot season to be back.

@KaciKruz was all open-back for a BSB concert. Sexy back back the boys wanna holla.

@andrealeitonblog makes maternity fashion look SO easy and cute.

Comfy but professional... @amsnedegar was right when she said this was an excellent teacher's outfit.

I think I'm going to need one of those pretty necklaces @vlaxerg is wearing. How awesome is it?!

@captainamandica was sporting new Breathe Carolina gear for their concert with some fun peekaboo booby-rhinestones.

@devynsessler's outfit is so easy and comfy, but also cute and for all seasons! 

It was National Bow Tie Day, so @danchiz celebrated as he should. Love the pattern combo!

So did @los_xx_equis! How 'bout a little tie-dye?!

And @danocean didn't have a bow tie, but I'm really diggin' these knit ties.

@mimllr sported a familiar outfit that works every time: Sperry's, a Polo, and jeans.

@jennay_z wore a cute top that brought the whole outfit together.


This whole ensemble is just great... even for outside of the show. [Just maybe skip the make-up.] The shorts/tights/booties combo is the best. 

How 'bout that striped dress and combat boots?! I love seeing that on people, but wish I could pull it off!

That chevron shorts/blue top combo is the best. I'd probably want the top to be longer, or at least high-waisted shorts, but she works it.

How 'bout the all black outfit on the left?! The different materials almost make you forget it's all one color and it works!

Really like all of these! I want that leopard top, the hot pink jeans and denim vest combo are fantastic, and so is that tan vest!

I like the idea of putting a jacket over a crop top like the girl in the middle. It makes it more subtle if you're not wearing high-waisted bottoms. [Please, for the love of everything, don't let high-waisted jeans, AKA mom jeans, come back this fall.]

People also had really fun nails: 

 As for me, I went through some Ke$ha pics on Google for some inspiration, but had to be work-able too... I'm very pleased with what I picked:

-top from Love Culture $11
-jorts from Kohl's $9
-shoes originally from Rue21 clearance
-clutch from NY&C $12
-earrings and necklaces are so old, I can't remember....

Ya know what the coolest part was? I transformed those shoes in less than ten minutes. They used to be tan... then I spray painted them. Literally covered the inside sole with Saran Wrap and just sprayed them. 

They looked amazing! Probably better than new.. The only problem was that the paint started to come off a little on the bottom by the end of the night. I'm thinking that if I used more of a rubber-spray paint [or at least one of higher quality than my 99cent Walmart brand] and then spray it with the shoe protectant, we'd be good to go.

Do you realize the possibilities are endless with spray paint?! We could change the colors of slightly beat up shoes every night! YES!

And that's the end of another week! 

REMEMBER: If you've never jumped in, but always think about it... you should! EVERY week someone says to me "I love your WYWW! I should join in some day." Uh.. DUH! Literally all you have to do is post a picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag #WhatYaWearinWednesday! Piece o' cake! 


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