Tuesday, August 27, 2013

watch: aaron paul's breaking bad audition

ALRIGHT FINE! I'll admit it! I have a slightly unhealthy crush on Aaron Paul and I like to imagine us doi.... errr... I like to stalk him.

Once upon a time in 2008 when I probably had no idea who he was, he auditioned for the show that would make you believe he was a crazy drug dealer in real life. This is that tape.

Thank goodness they cut his hair but like... they all obviously fell in love with him right away, too! Those are pure-love giggles in the background.

Also if you haven't seen him on The Price Is Right, you obviously need to do that too.

And ya know what else we need to always admire? The pictures of his wedding. Dude is so in love, it makes me want that kinda relationship SO BAD. [Mostly with him.]

Ooh look, he loves me too!

Alright, I'll stop now. We had to celebrate his birthday!


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