Thursday, August 1, 2013

nifty: bras you need in your life now

Normally I'm the kinda girl that goes to Target and spends $10 whenever a new bra is needed... but these here booby pushers need to be in my life.

First up: The Boobypack. "The bra-fanny pack."

I mean, it's not really a fanny pack at all... it's just a tankini that stores your stuff... but I'm all for it! Plus, it comes in 'Merica design!

Probably the best part about them is that they're water resistant. You could take them to the beach or the pool, wear em as a bathing suit, and have all your stuff right up in your boobs [hopefully helping to push them up for added cleavage].

They're not super cheap, but let's be honest: You've spent more than this on purses and bathing suits separately.

Next: The light-up bra.

Sure, they're made for raves and crazy ragers, but I'm thinking about Halloween that's less than 3 months away. I'm also thinking about wearing these under a sheer shirt or really whenever I feel like being the life of a party/club, which is always.

Also: Imagine a full bachelorette party wearing these and the wigs?! How. freaking. great. 

I'm pretty sure they're worth every dollar of $55+, but you could also get your own bra and buy their lights to attach on your own. 

BONUS: They have light-up ties, hoodies, and fur. 

Okay, so both of things are targeted towards people who rave or go to EDM shows, but even if you don't- they're freaking great ideas. 

So uh... Sugar Daddy... where you at?


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