Tuesday, July 30, 2013

watch: asking 100 people to bang you

It's only Tuesday, but I'm telling you right now- These are the videos everyone needs to see this week.

Everyone's always like "girls have it so easy; all they have to do is ask any dude to have sex, and they'll get it." First of all: Shut up. Second: Make a video or two to prove it.

I'd say 50% is a lot more accurate than saying "any guy will say yes," but look at her! Homegirl is freakin' HOTT! So she's bound to get at least twice as many dudes to say yes as your average girl... and she's risking getting arrested.

Now let's see if it's any easier for a dude.

Poor guy gets straight up laughed at! And wet! And straight up crushed. If I'm being honest, I'd probably take him up on it. If I were drunk. Maybe sober... He's not a bad looking guy!... Okay, I guess I'd only do it if he came to my place and someone could watch to make sure I don't get killed.

That's really all it is. Chics are just afraid of the dude doing something beyond sex. They're also worried about being perceived as a slut, but that's a stupid worry that we'll have to tackle some other day.

These people are really great for doing this, though. They're ballsy. They asked couples and families. They put a myth to rest forever. They educated the internet. Bravo, yo.


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